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Jake in the Box celebrate the work of Jake Thackray performing the songs as close to the originals as possible. The work is very well suited to intimate audiences ‘unplugged’ and for larger venues, a discrete high quality Bose Compact PA is used to ensure that all can appreciate the intricacies of Paul’s guitar and Ron’s sharp lyrical delivery.

Posters and photos can be supplied or produced by Jake in the Box containing venues details in a wide variety of formats to suit your requirements.


Intrigued and highly amused by the expertly crafted songs of Jake Thackray, Jake in the Box have strived to recreate the original live performances to help preserve the work of this sadly missed troubadour. Delighting audiences wherever they go, from local venues in Derbyshire to now much further afield, a fun and sometimes poignant time will be had by all.

“This fabulously funny duo have been to Flying Donkeys a couple of times, and they were so very well received, we thought we would bring them to Nottingham too.   Perfectly capturing the wry, anarchic humour of Thackray’s songs, these talented musicians are committed to reproducing the authentic Jake Thackray sound with beautiful acoustic guitar from Paul and Ron’s own dry, anarchic take on the songs that made Jake Thackray so popular.  Think Dave Allen meets That’s Life meets Edward the Elephant…”

Tales from Two Cities (Nottingham & Derby Story Telling Club)

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